What Exactly Is an F4V File?

F4V File

An F4V file is a Flash MP4 video file, often known as a MPEG-4 video file, that is based on the Apple QuickTime container format. It is comparable to the MP4 format.

This format is identical to FLV, however, because FLV has limitations with H.264/AAC material, Adobe created F4V as an update. However, F4V does not support various FLV video and audio codecs, such as Nellymoser, Sorenson Spark, and Screen.

How to View and Open an F4V File

Because F4V files are a common video/audio compression format, many programs can open them. F4V files can be opened by VLC, Animate, and the free F4V Player. Windows Media Player, which is included with some versions of Windows, is another option.

Many additional standalone apps from different developers can also play F4V files. F4V files can be created with Adobe Premiere, as well as other major video editing and authoring suites.

To watch F4V videos on Android, use ALLPlayer Video Player or MX Player. Fast Player should work well on the iPad and iPhone.

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Converting an F4V File

  • Look through this list of free video converter apps, such as Any Video Converter, to find one that supports the F4V file format.
  • You can use one of these programs to convert F4V to MP4, AVI, WMV, MOV, and other formats, including audio formats such as MP3.
  • F4V files can also be converted online using websites such as Zamzar and FileZigZag.
  • The disadvantage of converting the movie this method is that you must not only submit the video to the website before converting it, but you must then download it back to your computer to utilize the new fileā€”both the upload and download processes may take a long time if the video is large.
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More Details on the F4V File Format

MP3 and AAC music files; GIF, PNG, JPEG, H.264, and VP6 video types; and AMF0, AMF3, and text data types are among the supported file types in the F4V format.

Text track metadata such as a style box, hypertext box, scroll delay box, karaoke box, and drop shadow offset box is supported by the F4V standard.

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