What will the FIFA 23 ratings for AFC Richmond be?

AFC Richmond FIFA 23 ranking positions

  • Predictions for AFC Richmond FIFA 23 ratings:
  • ST: Jamie Tartt with 89 OVR RW: Sam Obisanya with 83 OVR CM: Roy Kent with 85 OVR CM: Richard
  • Montlaur with 78 OVR LB: Jan Maas with 77 OVR CB: Isaac McAdoo with 84 OVR
  • Moe Bumbercatch has a 75 OVR.

The starting point must be the leading scorer. Jamie Tartt will undoubtedly be hampered by FIFA 23’s slower speed, but we feel he will still be able to score multiple goals. He will surely score well, as in an OVR of 89 or higher.

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Sam Obisanya, the third individual we will examine in-depth, is a fascinating scenario. He may not be an exceptional FIFA 23 fullback, but he should fit nicely on the right wing for Tartt. Obisanya’s speed is unmatched by EA; hence AFC Richmond must have a winger with an OVR of 83.

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