When Facebook Stops Sending Security Codes, What to Do?

What to Do When Facebook Isn’t Sending Security Codes

You will often receive a message similar to one of these when Facebook refuses to send security codes:

  • Please look for a message containing your code in your inbox.
  • Please look for a message with your code on your phone.
  • There was a problem; try again now.
  • I apologize; something was wrong.
  • Unable to send an SMS confirmation. Please try again after checking the phone number.
  • You have made too many requests for SMS codes. Another 24 hours will pass before you receive another code.

Why Is Facebook Refusing to Send Me a Code

Examine the two-factor settings on Facebook. If you can access Facebook on your phone, check to see if two-factor authentication is actually enabled.

Have the code emailed to you.

  • Check to see if Facebook will email you the code if you’ve been attempting to acquire it via SMS and haven’t yet tried to get it via email.
  • Try to log into Facebook, and when it prompts you for a code, click Resend. Click Need another way to authenticate? and input the email linked to your Facebook account if you don’t receive the code.
  • Verify the spam folder. Open your email app and check the spam folder if you requested a code by email but did not receive one. Future emails from Facebook may be delivered directly to the spam folder if you’ve ever unintentionally designated one as spam.
  • Look into your internet connection. Ensure that you can send and receive emails as well as messages and that you are online. If you’re using a phone, make sure the signal is strong enough and turn on Wi-Fi and cellular data. If you don’t, until you reach a location with better service, your phone won’t be able to receive emails or texts.
  • Switch off your phone. Your phone may be having a problem if the Facebook app won’t work properly or if you can’t get text messages. Before sending another code request, completely switch off your phone, turn it back on, and then check your text and email messages. Depending on your operating system—iOS (Restart your iPhone) or Android—you can restart your smartphone (Restart your Android device).
  • Delete the Facebook app’s cached data. If the Facebook app’s data cache is full or faulty, wiping it out may be able to solve the issue.
  • Call Facebook customer service. Contact Facebook support if you’re still having trouble receiving your security code for more assistance. If they can’t help you log in to Facebook, you can recover your account.

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