GTA 6 Rumoured To Release For $150

Grand Theft Auto VI, or GTA 6, is a highly anticipated game from Rockstar that is reportedly going to be one of the most costly in recent memory. A copy of the game is reportedly going to cost $150.

GTA 6 Is Said To Retail For $150

The information comes from an initial report by Niche Gamer, which said that the game’s development is expected to have cost the firm more than $2 billion.
This information quickly went viral online and generated discussions about the cost of the next GTA game, Grand Theft Auto, among GTA enthusiasts.

For example, a few ardent supporters of Grand Theft Auto indicated they would gladly shell out the cash for the game’s anticipated hundreds of hours of content.
“We buying anyway,” one person said, and “Like it matters, people spend thousands on the online game with shark cards,” added another. Another person said, “The strippers better come out of my screen to give me a lapdance if I’m paying 150.”

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However, other GTA enthusiasts thought it was “disgusting” and unaffordable to spend $150 for GTA 6.
It’s also important to remember that Rockstar Games has a history of charging a premium, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise if the game costs $150 considering its immense popularity and the franchise’s passionate fan base. Therefore, it’s unclear what pricing plan the business will use for Grand Theft Auto 6.

As of right now, Rockstar Games has just confirmed that GTA 6 is being developed. You should thus consider any speculations or leaks about GTA 6 to be speculative unless the video game developer confirms them with official statements.

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