How to Check Windows 11 Edition (6 Methods)

Method 1 Using the System Settings

To launch the Settings app, use the keyboard shortcuts Win + I.
Select “System” by clicking on it in the menu.
Click “About” after swiping down the left sidebar.
The “Edition” details are located in the “Windows specifications” section. You may find out the version of Windows 11 you are running by doing this.

Step 2 Using the Run Dialog Box

Use the keyboard shortcut Win + R to bring up the Run dialog box.
After typing “winver” without quotation marks, hit Enter.
A window with details about your Windows version, including the edition, will open

Step 3: Making Use of Command Prompt

To navigate to the Run dialog box, press Win + R.
To launch Command Prompt, type “cmd” and hit Enter.
Enter the following command in the Command Prompt window and hit Enter:

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systeminfo | find “Edition”

The version of Windows 11 that you are running will be visible in the output.

Step 4: Utilizing PowerShell

To access the “Windows PowerShell (Admin)” menu, press Win + X.
Enter the following command in the PowerShell window and hit Enter:

(Get-WmiObject -Class Win32_OperatingSystem).Caption

The Windows 11 edition will be shown in the output.

Step 5: Utilizing the Control Panel

Slide the Control Panel open. To accomplish this, look for “Control Panel” in the Start menu.
Select “System and Security” by clicking.
Toggle “System” on.
You may discover details about the Windows 11 version under the “Windows edition” section.
Using Registry Editor is Method Six.

Note: Use caution when modifying the Registry Editor because doing so can lead to problems with the system.

To navigate to the Run dialog box, press Win + R.
Press Enter after typing “regedit” to launch the Registry Editor.
Go to the key that follows:

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HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion

Keep an eye out for the value “EditionID” in the right-hand window. The version of Windows 11 that you are operating will be indicated by the value data.
When use the registry editor and system settings, keep in mind that committing mistakes could potentially damage your system. Make sure everything is correct before making any changes.

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