How to Live Stream F1 [Formula One 2023] on LG TV

Find out which network or streaming service has Formula One broadcasting rights in your area for the 2023 season by checking the F1 broadcasting rights. Knowing who holds the rights in your area is crucial because broadcasting rights might differ from country to country.

If you haven’t already, sign up for the streaming provider that holds the rights to F1 once you find out which one it is. F1 streaming choices that are well-liked include:

The official streaming service of Formula One, F1 TV Pro, provides live coverage of every F1 race as well as supplementary material.

ESPN+ (for viewers in the US): ESPN frequently holds the rights to broadcast Formula One races, and you may sign up for ESPN+ to gain access.

Sky Sports (for viewers in the UK): If you live in the UK, Sky Sports usually broadcasts Formula One. You may watch it by subscribing to Sky Sports or by using NOW TV.

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Check to See If Your LG TV Is Compatible:

Ensure that your LG TV has internet connectivity and is a Smart TV. This capability ought to be available on most current LG devices.

Make sure the software and firmware on your TV are current. This will make streaming services and apps compatible.

Install the streaming app after downloading it:

From the home screen, access the LG Content shop, the app shop for your LG TV.

In the app store, look for the streaming service you have a subscription to (such as F1 TV, ESPN+, or Sky Go).

On your LG TV, download and install the app.

Open the streaming application:

On your LG TV, launch the installed streaming app.
Log In: Use your login information from the selected subscription service to access the streaming app.

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Choose F1 Race: After logging in, search the app’s live events or F1 area for the live race you wish to watch.

Start Streaming: Select the live race stream, and then take pleasure in watching Formula One on your LG TV.

Optional: Connect External Audio/Video: To improve your watching experience, you can connect external audio or video devices to your LG TV, such as soundbars or home theater systems.

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