How to Lock or Unlock Notes on iPhone

How to Lock and Unlock iPhone Notes

Likewise, you can password-protect critical data that you frequently store on the Apple Notes app. It’s simple to lock notes on your iPhone in order to protect your privacy and deny unauthorized access.

Actions to Take Before:

  • Get the newest iOS version for your iPhone.
  • Go to your iCloud Settings and turn on Notes.
  • Locking notes synchronized from outside services is not possible.
  • If you have a Managed Apple ID set up to log into iCloud, you cannot lock the Notes.

Apple Notes: How to Lock Notes

  • Get your iPhone’s Notes app open.
  • After making your selections, touch the More button to lock the notes.
  • Choose the Lock Note option after responding to the dialog.
  •  You can use your iPhone passcode to lock notes if your iPhone comes with a Passcord already.
  • Click or tap the Use iPhone Passcode link.
  • Enter the note-taking iPhone passcode now.
  • Tap the Enable Face ID option to make Face ID available for the locked notes.
  • On Would You Like to Permit “Notes” to Utilize Face ID? Press the “Ok” button when prompted.
  •  Your iPhone will lock the note.
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Find and open the “Notes” app on your iPhone to begin using it.

Choose the Note: Press the note you wish to lock with a tap.

How to get to the Note Settings:

On iOS 14 and later, tap the three dots (…) located in the note’s upper right corner.

iOS 13 and prior versions: From the bottom of the screen, tap the share icon (a box with an arrow pointing up).

Keep in mind:

  • From the available options, choose “Lock” for iOS 14 and later.
  • iOS 13 and prior versions: Choose “Lock Note” by swiping down.

Using Touch ID/Face ID or Creating a Password:

  • In the event that this is your first time locking a note, a password will need to be set.
  • You can use Touch ID or Face ID on your smartphone in place of a password if you have those features enabled.

Enter Password and Check It:

  • Enter and confirm your password, if you’re using one.

Offer a Suggestion (Optional):

  • An optional hint that can aid with password memory can be entered here.


  • It locks the note now.

Opening a Note:

Examine the Note:

  • Find the “Notes” app on your iPhone and launch it.
  • Press the secured message.
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Use Touch ID or Face ID or Enter Password:

  • When prompted, enter the password you already specified or, if enabled, use Touch ID or Face ID.


  • The note will unlock after the password or Touch ID/Face ID has been entered successfully.

How to Modify or Remove a Password:

Get the Settings open:

  • Open your iPhone’s “Settings” app.

Navigate Down and Look for “Notes”:

  • Press the “Notes” button.

Options for Passwords:

  • You can choose to “Change Password” or “Reset Password” under the “Password” section.

Put Your Current Password Here:

  • Enter your current password if prompted.

Use Touch ID/Face ID or Create a New Password:

  • To enable Touch ID/Face ID or to set a new password, follow the on-screen prompts.

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