How to Lookup Telenor Number in 2022

How To Check Telenor Number Latest Method in 2022

How to Verify Telenor Number

To check the Telenor number, use any of the methods listed below. You may employ any of these methods.

  • To obtain the number, send a message to 7421.
  • To verify the number, dial 7421.
  • Another number was missed.
  • Using My Telenor App via Website

1. Using SMS

  • Go to Message writing options and send the message “My no” or “blank” to 7421 to see the Telenor number.
  • Immediately after sending the message, you will receive the sim number in response, free of charge.
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2. Using call

Call 7421 IVR for free, and after the call is completed, you will receive your phone number via SMS.

3. Due to a missed call

  • Call any of your other phone numbers, as well as any of your friends or family members.
  • As a result, your SIM number will be available as a missed call on the mobile number of the call made.

4. Using the My Telenor App

  • To begin, download and install the My Telenor app.
  • Launch the Telenor app.
  • Press the Start button.
  • Your Telenor number is easily visible on the My Telenor app home screen.
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