How To Perform Tahajjud Prayer | Tahajjud Time

  • The Tahajjud is a type of Islamic Prayer that’s also recommended (but not required) for all Muslims to do at least once a week.
  • This Prayer is recited after Isha (the obligatory nighttime Prayer) and before Fajr (the early morning prayer) (the obligatory morning prayer).
  • To do tahajjud prayer, you have to do the same thing, called namaz, often (rakats or cycles). Namaz is the way that Muslims do their daily prayers.
  • Tahajjud namaz, like other optional prayers in Islam, can be done in pairs, just like the other optional prayers can be done in teams.

It’s possible to pray for Allah Almighty’s love simultaneously as the daily Prayer. Tahajjud is an optional prayer that you can pray for. You can do the Tahajjud prayer to say sorry if you have done something wrong. Many people choose to pray Tahajjud because it is said to be a sign of good things.

Make sure you know how to pray the Tahajjud prayer, which also is called the namaz so that you can ask for Allah’s love as well as spiritual health and well-being.

Tahajjud Time

After Isha, which is the obligatory nighttime Prayer, Tahajjud time starts. It lasts until just before Fajr (the morning prayer).

To the extent that it is possible, it is better to do the namaz Tahajjud between midnight and Fajr, preferably in the last part of the night.

If you have to choose between Isha and Fajr in the Islamic calendar, you might want to try Tahajjud. If this is how things work out, Allah comes down from the sky and asks, “Who is asking me for something that I can give him?” Callincallse is a person who wants to talk to me. How can I respond to him? “Who is it that wants my forgiveness so that I can forgive him?

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How To Perform Tahajjud Prayer

There are two rates in Tahajjud namaz. This is how most non-faridah prayers, like Namaz Ishraq, are done.

Before you pray Tahajjud, you must do the following things:

Set the alarm to Wake up for Prayer

Do the Isha prayer and go to sleep before setting an alarm clock or having a family member wake you up at the time you agreed on afterward.

Perform Wudu

When you want to get up at night, do so. So when you wake up, do Wudu. This is a ritual cleansing that you do right away. Muslims clean up before they pray or touch the Holy Quran.

Face Qibla

Muslims must turn their bodies in the direction of the Qibla during every Prayer in Islam. The Qibla is the direction of Mecca’s Holy Mosque, which is very important to Muslims all over the world.


If you’re not sure which way to face it, you can use an app called “Qibla compass” on your phone to help you figure it out. Here’s a compass that has been set up to point in the right direction to the Holy Mosque.


It could have been your goal to say, “Yesterday, I had a bad day and did something wrong.” “I am praying the Tahajjud prayer to make up for the bad things I have done.”

Namaz Tah: Begin the Namaz now

Start Namaz Tahajjud With Surah Fatiha

Try to spend some time reading both Surah Fatiha and another one of the Qurans, such as the one called Ikhlas. To bend down into ruku and then to lay down into sujood, do both of these things.
Because the surahs come from the Quran, it’s important to say them in Arabic to make sure they’re clear. If it is your first language, your prayers can be answered in your language.

Add your prayers (dua) after the rakats

Your dua can be included during the Prayer after you finish the number of rakats you set out to pray for. As long as your duas are honest, respectful, and done with full devotion to Allah, they can be included. It is fine to talk about them in a long, low stance in your own words and in your own language.
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