How to Send Photos & Videos from iPhone to Android (5 Methods)

How to Use Google Photos

Step 1: On your iPhone and Android smartphone, download and install Google Photos.

Step 2: Use your Google account to log in when you launch the app on your iPhone.

Step3: tap the three horizontal lines located in the upper-left corner of the screen, then choose “Settings” > “Backup & sync.” Verify that the option is activated.

Step 4: Your Google account will be used as a backup for all of your images and videos. When this is finished, you can locate them in Google Photos on your Android device.

The Use of a USB Cable

Step 1: Use a USB cord to connect your iPhone to your computer.

Step 2: Locate your iPhone on your computer by opening the Finder (Mac) or File Explorer (Windows). It need to look like a gadget.

Step 3: Locate and open the DCIM folder, which has your pictures and movies.

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Step 4: Choose and copy the images and videos that you wish to move.

Step 5: Use a USB cord to connect your Android device to the PC. Locate your Android device in the file explorer or Finder, open it, and paste the copied files there.

Employing Email:

Step 1: Launch the iPhone’s Photos app.

Step 2: Decide which pictures or videos to transmit.

Step 3: Choose your email app by tapping the share symbol, which is a square with an upward pointing arrow.

Step 4: Write an email, send it, and make sure to include your own email address.

Step 5: Download the videos and images that are connected to your email on your Android device.

Utilizing a cloud storage service (such as OneDrive or Dropbox):

Step 1: Set up the cloud storage application on your Android and iPhone.

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Step 2: Transfer your iPhone’s images and movies to the cloud.

Step 3: Download the files using the same cloud storage software on your Android device.

Employing Bluetooth:

Step 1: Enable Bluetooth on your Android and iPhone devices.

Step 2: Launch the Photos app on your iPhone, pick any images or videos, hit the share icon, and choose to send them through Bluetooth.

Step 3: The files will be transferred when you accept the incoming Bluetooth connection on your Android device.

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