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Voice recording is one of the best capabilities available on an Android handset. Apps for voice recording can in handy for capturing talks, meetings, and other public gatherings. A voice recorder is typically integrated into Android cellphones.

Some integrated voice recorders are restricted to call recording solely, and others lack fundamental functionality. Use third-party programs if you’d like additional control over your voice recording.

Thankfully, you may record voice with a number of Android apps available on the Google Play Store. For that reason, we’ll go over some of the top voice recorder applications for Android in this post.

Android’s Top 13 Free Voice Recording Apps

It’s important to remember that there are many voice recorder apps for Android available in the Google Play Store, making selection challenging. Thus, we have only included the top audio recorder applications for Android that have received great reviews below.

Google Notes: This Google note-taking tool offers the ability to record audio as well. It’s easy to use and seamlessly connects with other Google services.

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Easy Voice Recorder: It has cloud integration, configurable sample rates, and a number of recording formats.

Splend Apps’ Voice Recorder: This program has a simple UI and produces recordings of excellent quality. Moreover, it supports a number of audio formats.

The Smart Voice Recorder boasts features including several file formats, adjustable bit rates, and background recording.

Notes from Otter Voice: This program is well-known for its transcription features. It has the ability to text-transcribe your recordings.

RecForge II is a robust audio recorder with a range of editing options and recording formats.

Hi-Q MP3 Voice Recorder: This app integrates with the cloud and provides high-quality recording in several formats.

Voice Memos: This app is designed exclusively for Samsung devices and provides high-quality recording capabilities.

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An easy-to-use voice recorder tool with cloud connectivity is called ASR Voice Recorder. It is available for free.

Voice Recorder Pro: This program offers options for several file formats along with high-quality recording.

The purpose of Cogi, the Notes & Voice Recorder, is to record and arrange spoken information during conferences, seminars, and interviews.

LectureNotes: This has capabilities like audio and video recording and is primarily intended for recording lectures.

The well-known app Rev Voice Recorder can record in excellent quality and can also transcribe your recordings.

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