How To Undo An EasyPaisa Transaction in 2023 | Get Your Money Back

I’ll explain to you today “How To Reverse Easypaisa Transaction” that you unintentionally sent to an unidentified phone. You can return or cancel your transaction accurately with no problems because it is straightforward. What you need to do is as follows.

All mobile phone users in Pakistan now rely on Easypaisa as their go-to money transfer software. Money transmission has become simple and secure as a result of this app. Trade in old-fashioned money was challenging since carrying cash is exceedingly cumbersome.

Today, all you need to do is open the Easypaisa app, enter the recipient’s phone number, and send money using digital digits. This approach is time-efficient, safe, and effective.

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Reversing An Easypaisa Transaction

Users of Easypaisa who accidentally pay money to an unknown or incorrect number can cancel their transactions. Naturally, this task must be completed inside the transaction within 24 hours. Here is the comprehensive manual.

To receive your money back, please follow these instructions and cancel your transaction:

  • The transaction message’s TRX ID.
  • You must now dial the Easypaisa hotline.
  • Users with Telenor Prepaid SIMs can dial 3737.
  • Callers from other networks can do so at 042-111-003-737.
  • Requesting the agent to cancel or return a previous transaction
  • Give the Easypaisa representative the correct TRX ID digits.
  • Wait a few minutes, and you will have your transaction once more.
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Describe TRX ID.

Basically, a user receives a confirmation SMS from 3737 when they make an “Easypaisa Transaction” to a particular number. The network verifies that “you have made a transaction to this number having this TRX ID” in this message.
There are typically 11 digits in the TRX ID column that relate to the current transaction you have executed. An Easypaisa agent uses these 11 numbers to track your marketing and send it back into your account at no additional cost.

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