Jalebi Bai To Kanta Bai, Top 10 Bai From Indian Web Series

Jalebi Bai To Kanta Bai, Top 10 Bai From Indian Web Series

Jalebi Bai from Ullu Web Series is currently capturing everyone’s attention. The creators have created something very interesting. Actors have also given their all in the Jalebi Bai web series. However, Jalebi Bai and Kanta Bai are not the only Bais to be lauded.

Check out this list of Indian web series actresses who rose to fame by playing Bai (house help) in the web series. Please keep in mind that we strictly avoided movies and other types of stories like Tillotama Shome in Sir and Monsoon Wedding.

List of top 10 actresses who played Bai in the Indian web series.

1. Sharanya Jit Kaur in Palang Tod Zaroorat

In the Palang Tod episode Zaroorat, Sharanya Jit Kaur plays the role of Bai. Everything about the Palang Tod series is fantastic, from her looks to her acting.

2. Pihu Singh in Palang Tod Naye Padosi

Pihu Singh rose to prominence after appearing as Bai in the Palang Tod episode Naye Padosi. Her scenes in the Ullu Web Series video with Rekha Mona Sarkar went viral.

3. Muskaan Agarwal in Rupaya 500

Rupaya 500 is one of the best Ullu Web Series ever made, thanks to Muskaan Agarwal’s acting abilities and screen presence. The plot revolves around Bai and her struggles in the city.

4. Gehana Vasisth in Maid For Each Other

Gehana Vasisth shone in her DeGlam maid costume. Gehana Vasisth, who plays the maid in the series alongside Sejal Shah, stole the show with her screen presence.

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5. Flora Saini in Gandii Baat

Flora Saini became an internet sensation after delivering a powerful performance in the Gandii Baat episode Bai-Se*ual. Her relationship with Anveshi Jain is still being researched on various websites.

6. Sapna Sappu in Sappu Bai

Sapna Sappu also makes a couple of videos in which she introduces herself as Sappu Bai.

7. Prajakta Dusane as Jalebi Bai

Prajakta Dusane is ready to take on the role of Jalebi Bai in the already popular Jalebi Bai web series.

8. Ridhima Tiwari as Jalebi Bai

In the web series, Ridhima Tiwari shone as Jalebi Bai. She portrayed the title character. Following her performance, the actress quickly became a fan favorite on the internet.

9. Tanya Desai as Madhuri Bai

Tanya Desai also portrayed Bai in the Ullu web series Jaghanya Kuttey Ki Maut. The thriller slasher depicted Madhuri Bai’s story and how she fights for her desire.

10. Karishma Sharma as Kanta Bai

Karishma Sharma also played the character of Bai in the web series Life Sahi Hai. Furthermore, the actress has a popular music video titled Kanta Bai.

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