Jazz Digit 4G 1800 Price in Pakistan

Jazz Mobile Phones Price in Pakistan

There are ten Jazz Mobile Phones available in the market, each with a different price. All Jazz Digit 4G Smartphones, their prices, and their features are all described in this article.

Jazz Digit 4G List

These are the eight Jazz Smartphones, each with its RAM and internal storage, camera, connectivity features, battery strength, and operating system with its own set of advanced features.

  • Jazz Digit 4G Defender
  • Jazz Digit 4G Classic
  • Jazz Digit 4G Lite
  • Jazz Digit 4G Elite
  • Jazz Digit 4G Music
  • Jazz Digit 4G Bold
  • Jazz Digit 4G Pro
  • Jazz Digit 4G Power
  • Jazz Digit 4G Crown
  • Jazz Digit 4G Energy
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Mobile Phones with Prices

Jazz Digit 4G Defender 4099Rs
Jazz Digit 4G Classic 4199Rs
Jazz Digit 4G Lite 4550Rs
Jazz Digit 4G Elite 4599Rs
Jazz Digit 4G Music 4650Rs
Jazz Digit 4G Bold 4650Rs
Jazz Digit 4G Pro 5750Rs
Jazz Digit 4G Power 4900Rs
Jazz Digit 4G Crown 5100Rs
Jazz Digit 4G Energy 6440Rs
Jazz Digit 4G Power 4900Rs

Some Common Features

  • DigitOS is an operating system.
  • Every phone comes with a free offer.
  • Each set is available in a variety of colors.
  • WiFi is available for internet access at all times.

Detail of Some Free offers that come with Mobile Phones

Free Minutes Offer

Offer Name: Free Minutes
Total Minutes: 6000
Monthly Minutes: 2000
Calls Type: On-Net
Validity: 3 Months
SUB-Code: *649*2#
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Free Social Media Mbs Offer

Offer Name: Free Social MBs
Total MBs: 15000
Monthly MBs: 5000
Data Type: WhatsApp & FB
Validity: 3 Months
SUB-Code: *659*2#

Free Plain Data MBs Offer

Offer Name: Free Plain Data
Total Data: 6GB
Monthly Data: 1GB
Data Type: Plain Data
Validity: 6 Months
SUB-Code: *114*40*2#



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