Jazz Facebook Packages 2022 | Social Packages

Jazz Facebook Packages (1-day, 7-days, and 30-days) are available here for social media enthusiasts daily, weekly, or monthly, beginning at the lowest rate.

Jazz Facebook Packages 2022

This is a list of the Facebook Packages described here, along with their price, validity, incentives, and MBs + Minutes for 1-day, monthly, and weekly usage.

List of Facebook packages:

  • 1-Day (Social)
  • 7-Days (Social)
  • 30-Days (Social)

Jazz Facebook Package

Offer Name: Daily Social
Data: 1GB
Timing: 24/7
Price: Rs 16
Validity: 1-Day
SUB-Code: *968#

7-Days Social

Offer Name: Weekly Social
Data: 5GB
Timing: 24/7
Price: Rs 110
Validity: 7-Days
SUB-Code: *660#

30-Days Social

Offer Name: Monthly Social
Data: 7GB
Timing: 24/7
Price: Rs 123
Validity: 30-Days
SUB-Code: *661#

Check Jazz FB Offers

  • (Daily Package Check Code) *968*2#
  • (Weekly Package Check Code) *660*2#
  • (Monthly Package Check Code) *661*2#

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