Jazz My Status Subscribe & Unsubscribe Code

Type “UNSUB” and send this deactivation message to 6085 to unsubscribe from the “status service.”

Hello Friends! This article will guide you on how to subscribe and unsubscribe to the Jazz my status offer.

Jazz My Status Offer Subscription and UnSubscription Code

To activate this offer, send SMS ‘SUB’ to 6085 and activate it. You can unsubscribe from this offer by sending SMS ‘UNSUB’ to 6085.

Terms & Condition:

  • Subscribing to this offer is as simple as texting “SUB” to 6085. Customers will only be able to use the service for seven days after that.
  • Users of the Jazz World App can subscribe and unsubscribe to this service. This service is only available on pre-paid SIM cards.
  • All of your SIM cards should be registered under your name so that you can use them (PTA)
  • There are a lot of Jazz Internet packages that are very cheap, and customers can also get Jazz Zero Call.

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