Jazz Ramadan Internet Offer 100GB

Jazz Ramadan Internet Offer

  1. For Subscription, Dial  *117*87# code.
  2. Status: *117*87#
  3. Charges: Rs. 2000
  4. Recharge Require: Rs. 2000 12 Paisa+Tax per inquiry

Terms & Conditions

  • In the prices, taxes aren’t taken into account.
  • To use pay as you go on MBB bundles, the package must be used up.
  • Internet packages from MBB will be automatically added to your account.
  • These bundles are also available on a Data SIM.
  • Internet services can be paid for and used on 2G, 3G, and LTE networks.
  • Dial the free bundle status codes to see how many MBs and how long your bundle is valid.
  • The real speed of the internet will depend on many different things, like what kind of device you’re using, how many people are using it at the same time, and how far away you are from the 3G site.
  • This data plan doesn’t allow you to pay as you go. Users must buy broadband bundles to use the internet.
  • After the bundle is used up during its validity period, an overage fee of Rs. 0.30 per MB (plus VAT) will be charged.

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