Jazz Super Ghanta Offer 2022 – Jazz Hourly Internet Package

Jazz Hourly Internet Package 2022 – Jazz Super Ghanta Offer

Jazz Hourly Internet Package 2022 Specifications

  • Internet is one of the most important services provided by network service providers.
  • Jazz offers a variety of jazz Internet bundles to meet its users’ connectivity needs.
  • You can get blazing fast internet for 60 minutes if you subscribe to the Jazz Hourly Internet Package.
  • Jazz’s super ghanta offer gives you 1GB of data for only Rs. 10 + tax.
  • Simply dial *638# from your Jazz sim number to subscribe to the Jazz hourly internet package and stay connected.
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Jazz Super Ghanta Discount Code 2022

Sometimes our Internet goes down during a critical Zoom meeting, online class, or heated argument, or in the middle of a game. If you are stuck somewhere without internet and need to connect for an urgent task or an important call, Jazz has you covered with its appealing Hourly Internet Extreme package, which provides continuous internet connectivity for a limited time.

How Do I Sign Up For Jazz Hourly Internet Package 2022?

To sign up for the Jazz Hourly Internet package, enter the code *638#. It is also possible to subscribe via the Jazz World Mobile App.

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What Is The Jazz Hourly Internet Package 2022?

Dial *638*2# to check the status and remaining MBs of your Jazz Hourly Extreme.

How Do I Unsubscribe From Jazz Super Ghanta Offer 2022?

Dial *638*4# to unsubscribe from the Jazz Super Ghanta offer.


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