JazzCash Merchant Account Registration

In this article, we will guide you about the JazzCash Merchant Account Registration.

JazzCash Merchant Account 2022

This is a straightforward, all-in-one online bank account. This account is linked to your phone number. If you are a merchant and frequently carry large sums of money, this may endanger you in a dangerous situation. Alternatively, you may require special protection while handling money.

JazzCash Merchant Account Registration
JazzCash Merchant Account Registration

As a result, business dealers can use their mobile phone numbers as bank account numbers. Request that they deposit funds into a bank account using this merchant service.

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JazzCash Merchant Account Registration

  • Use your SIM card as your bank account number.
  • Personal information about the user, such as name and contact information.
  • The account holder is a business.
  • Set the payment methods for receiving payments here.
  • Furthermore, biometric verification is required for registration.

Merchant Account Benefits

  • Receive payments into a single account.
  • One bank account can be used for multiple businesses.
  • Each payment generates a report and a notification alert.
  • Furthermore, safe transactions with no risk of loss.
  • As a result, get a free Visa card when you open a new account.
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JazzCash Merchant Account Limit

JazzCash Merchant accounts limit is kept at its maximum.

JazzCash Merchant Account Max Credit/Debt Limit

Account Type: Monthly Credit/Debit
Basic Business: 500,000
Premium Business: 500,000

JazzCash Merchant Account Max Balance Limit

Account Type: Max Balance Limit
Basic Business: 500,000
Premium Business: 500,000

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