Paromita Dey Best Web Series Watch Online 2022

Paromita Dey is an Indian television show host, model, actress, and social media influencer. Paromita is also known as Paromita Pari. Paromita has appeared in and hosted numerous Bengali television shows. Paromita is currently working on a web series.

1. Wrong Turn Part 1 Web Series

This is Akash’s and his wife’s story. Akash is devoted to his wife. Akash does not spend much time with his wife. He requests that his wife find her a friend with whom she can conv*rse. Akash’s brother Karan pays him a visit one day. Akash’s wife develops fe*lings for Karan and begins a phy**cal rela***nship with him.

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Watch Online Wrong Turn Part 1 Web Series All Episodes

Karan asks to return to his house one day. He also says he will marry his girlfriend Jhanvi. When Akash’s wife hears this, she becomes enraged and points a gun at him. Watch the wrong turn ullu web series to find out what happens next.

2. Wrong Turn Part 2 Web Series

Akash and Sapna’s story is told here. Akash is devoted to his wife. Akash is unsure how much time he should devote to Sapna. He requests that his wife find him a friend with whom he can converse. Akash’s brother Karan pays him a visit one day. Sapna develops fe*lings for Karan and begins a phy*ical relati**ship with him.

Watch Online Wrong Turn Part 2 Web Series Full Episodes

Karan tells Sapna one day that he wants to marry his girlfr**nd, Jhanvi. Sapna becomes enraged upon hearing this. Sapna goes to Karan’s house one day and points a gun at him while having se*ual relat**ns with him.

3. Caretaker Web Series

When an elderly man’s son hires a sensual physiotherapist to treat his father’s chronic pain, the game of desire reveals many secrets. A glimpse into the married son’s se**ual act with this ‘caretaker’ piques the father’s interest.

4. Caretaker 2 Web Series

This is the story of Aayush, who is involved in a car accident. He becomes paralyzed. Shanaya, a nurse, comes to her house to care for him. He recovers completely thanks to Shanaya’s blessings, but Shanaya and Aayush begin to like each other and have physical relations.

5. Hostel Days

This is one of the most well-known web series on Amazon Prime. This web series was created by TVF, a company that specializes in creating web series about student life. This web series is set in a hostel with a large number of residents. This web series depicts the lives of the people who live in the hostel.

6. Saas Bahu & Nri Palangtod Web Series

Saas Bahu & Nri is an Indian web series available on the ullu app. Ullu has finally released the Palang Tod episode after a long wait. Drama and romance are the genres of this ullu web series. You can watch all of the episodes of this web series on the ullu app. This web series premiered on the ullu app on September 17, 2021.

Saas Bahu & Nri Palangtod Ullu Web Series 2021 Cast, Crew, Wiki, Storyline, Release Date, Roles, Real Names


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