Quran Kareem PDF

Get a copy of the Quran in Arabic. Accurate and valid Quran Kareem with Arabic Translation of the highest quality. Get a PDF of the Quran Majeed arranged by Surah. You could download the entire Quran to your computer, smartphone, or laptop and use it offline whenever you want.

Quran PDF:

Read the Quran in PDF format and get all Surah in Arabic translation. You can easily download the entire Quran in PDF format or get translations by Surah. In Arabic, you’ll get high-quality PDF files.


Quran Kareem Surah Translation

No. Surah Title Download 
1 Surah Fatiha PDF  Download
2 Surah Baqarah PDF  Download
3 Surah Al Imran PDF  Download
4 Surah Nisa PDF  Download
5 Surah Maidah PDF  Download
6 Surah Anam PDF  Download
7 Surah Araf PDF  Download
8 Surah Anfal PDF  Download
9 Surah Taubah PDF  Download
10 Surah Yunus PDF  Download
11 Surah Hud PDF  Download
12 Surah Yusuf PDF  Download
13 Surah Ar Rad PDF  Download
14 Surah Ibrahim PDF  Download
15 Surah Hijr PDF  Download
16 Surah Nahl PDF  Download
17 Surah Isra PDF  Download
18 Surah Kahf PDF  Download
19 Surah Maryam PDF  Download
20 Surah Taha PDF  Download
21 Surah Anbiya PDF  Download
22 Surah Hajj PDF  Download
23 Surah Muminun PDF  Download
24 Surah Noor PDF  Download
25 Surah Furqan PDF  Download
26 Surah Ash Shuara PDF  Download
27 Surah Naml PDF  Download
28 Surah Qasas PDF  Download
29 Surah Ankabut PDF  Download
30 Surah Rum PDF  Download
31 Surah Luqman PDF  Download
32 Surah Sajdah PDF  Download
33 Surah Ahzab PDF  Download
34 Surah Saba PDF  Download
35 Surah Fatir PDF  Download
36 Surah Yaseen PDF  Download
37 Surah Saffat PDF  Download
38 Surah Sad PDF  Download
39 Surah Zumar PDF  Download
40 Surah Ghafir PDF  Download
41 Surah Fussilat PDF  Download
42 Surah Shura PDF  Download
43 Surah Zukhruf PDF  Download
44 Surah Dukhan PDF  Download
45 Surah Jathiya PDF  Download
46 Surah Al Ahqaf PDF  Download
47 Surah Muhammad PDF  Download
48 Surah Fath PDF  Download
49 Surah Hujurat PDF  Download
50 Surah Qaf PDF  Download
51 Surah Dhariyat PDF  Download
52 Surah Tur PDF  Download
53 Surah Najm PDF  Download
54 Surah Qamar PDF  Download
55 Surah Rahman PDF  Download
56 Surah Waqiah PDF  Download
57 Surah Hadid PDF  Download
58 Surah Mujadila PDF  Download
59 Surah Hashr PDF  Download
60 Surah Mumtahanah PDF  Download
61 Surah Saff PDF  Download
62 Surah Jumuah PDF  Download
63 Surah Munafiqun PDF  Download
64 Surah Taghabun PDF  Download
65 Surah Talaq PDF  Download
66 Surah Tahrim PDF  Download
67 Surah Mulk PDF  Download
68 Surah Qalam PDF  Download
69 Surah Haqqah PDF  Download
70 Surah MaArij PDF  Download
71 Surah Nooh PDF  Download
72 Surah Jinn PDF  Download
73 Surah Muzammil PDF  Download
74 Surah Mudassir PDF  Download
75 Surah Qiyamah PDF  Download
76 Surah Insan PDF  Download
77 Surah Mursalat PDF  Download
78 Surah Naba PDF  Download
79 Surah Naziat PDF  Download
80 Surah Abasa PDF  Download
81 Surah Takwir PDF  Download
82 Surah Infitar PDF  Download
83 Surah Mutaffifin PDF  Download
84 Surah Inshiqaq PDF  Download
85 Surah Buruj PDF  Download
86 Surah Tariq PDF  Download
87 Surah Ala PDF  Download
88 Surah Ghashiya PDF  Download
89 Surah Fajr PDF  Download
90 Surah Balad PDF  Download
91 Surah Shams PDF  Download
92 Surah Lail PDF  Download
93 Surah Duha PDF  Download
94 Surah Shuara PDF  Download
95 Surah Tin PDF  Download
96 Surah Alaq PDF  Download
97 Surah Qadr PDF  Download
98 Surah Bayyinah PDF  Download
99 Surah Zalzalah PDF  Download
100 Surah Adiyat PDF  Download
101 Surah Qariah PDF  Download
102 Surah Takathur PDF  Download
103 Surah Asr PDF  Download
104 Surah Humazah PDF  Download
105 Surah Fil PDF  Download
106 Surah Quraish PDF  Download
107 Surah Maun PDF  Download
108 Surah Kauthar PDF  Download
109 Surah Kafirun PDF  Download
110 Surah Nasr PDF  Download
111 Surah Masad PDF  Download
112 Surah Ikhlas PDF  Download
113 Surah Falaq PDF  Download
114 Surah Nas PDF  Download
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10 Facts about the Holy Quran

10 Facts about the Holy Quran

  • The Holy Quran has 114 surahs & The Holy Quran has 30 parts
  • The revelation started in the Holy month of Ramadan
  • Quran was revealed over 23 years: 13 in Mecca and 10 in Madina
  • Whoever reads one letter of the Quran gets 10 Rewards
  • Baqarah is the longest sura but Kawthar is the shortest sura
  • Quran was revealed to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) through the angel Jibril
  • Prophet (PBUH) was 40 years old when the first verse of the Quran was revealed to Him
  • The literal meaning of the Quran is “that which is being read”
  • 25 Prophets are mentioned in the Holy Quran
  • The Quran will intercede for people who recited it on Judgment Day.

The Noble Quran Karim

The Holy Quran is the incomparable Kalaam [Word] of Allah, Who is the one Lord, the only Creator, and the actual Lord of the entire world. Allah gave this Kalaam [Holy Quran] to the Holy Prophet Muhammad. The great insight began during the holy month of Ramadan. Sayyiduna Jibraeel had the honor of conveying the revelations to the Holy Prophet Muhammad. Some fortunate ayahs were immediately bestowed upon him. The holy revelation was revealed in phases over about 23 years in Arabic, the most expressive language, according to conditions and happenings.

Excellence Of Reciting Holy Quran

Those who adore the Holy Quran and act on it in addition to reciting it are fortunate. It is stated in a wonderful Hadith: “The house for which the Holy Quran is recited is large for its residents; its beauty is abundant, angels frequent it, and Satans avoid it.” On the other hand, the home in which the Holy Quran is not recited becomes more restricted for its residents, its beauty declines, angels flee, and Satans enter.

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