Ramadan Calendar 2023 UK – Sehri & Iftar

UK Ramadan Calendar 2023

UK Ramadan Time is made up of the UK Ramadan Calendar for 2023 and a 30 day schedule for all areas. The UK month will start on March 23, 2023, and the first day of Ramadan will be on Wednesday, 1444 Hijri. Below are the Ramadan Sehri Time and Iftar Time for different places, where you can find the exact time for each day of Ramadan 2023 UK.

Ramadan Timetable 2023 UK

City Sehr Iftar
Ilford 04:22 AM 6:20 PM
Birmingham 04:37 AM 6:24 PM
Bradford 04:26 AM 6:27 PM
Glasgow 04:30 AM 6:41 PM
Luton 04:22 AM 6:22 PM
Liverpool 04:35 AM 6:31 PM
Manchester 04:29 AM 6:29 PM
Slough 04:22 AM 6:20 PM
London 04:22 AM 6:20 PM

Q: When does First Ramadan 2023 begin in UK?

Ramadan is an important time of year for Muslims all over the world, including those in the United Kingdom. During the month of Ramadan, people fast from sunrise to sunset, which means they don’t eat, drink, or take care of other basic needs. Muslims in the UK, like Muslims in other countries, enjoy Ramadan in a number of ways, such as by following Ramadan 2023 UK, keeping track of Iftar time UK, and keeping track of Sehri time UK.

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During the holy month, Muslims need the Ramadan 2023 UK to help them keep track of their fasting and prayer times. It usually tells when to fast, pray, and do other important things during Ramadan. These days and times are based on when the new moon is seen. The schedule is used to figure out when Ramadan starts and ends and when the best time is for Suhoor (also called Sehri) and Iftar, which are two of the most important times of the day.

The fast is broken at sunset, which is Iftar time in the UK. Muslims look forward to Iftar, and after a day of fasting, they often get together with family and friends to share a meal. In the UK, many Muslim communities get together to break their fast at mosques, community halls, or other public places. People who aren’t Muslim can learn about Ramadan and the customs that go along with it at these events, which are often open to the public.

What People Ask About Ramadan Time 2023? Question & Answer (Q & A)

Q: What is Ramadan Time in UK?

Ramadan Time 2023 in Birmingham is, SEHR 04:08 AM and IFTAR 06:25 PM

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Q: What is Sehri time in UK?

Today Sehri Time in Birmingham is 04:08 AM on 22 March, 2023

Q: What is Iftar Time in UK?

Today Iftar Time in Birmingham is 06:25 PM on 22 March, 2023

Q: What is Ramadan Start Date in UK and End Date?

Ramadan will begin on March 23, 2023, and end on April 19, 2023. Ramadan usually starts a day later in some parts of the world, especially in subcontinental countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and many others.

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