Shab e Barat 2022

Shab e Barat observes the start of the Islamic month of Shaban 15 and the Georgian date of 17-Mar-22 across the Arab globe and surrounding territories. In other environments, such as Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, and the following regions, Shab e Barat 2022 will be observed on March 18, 22. In the Islamic faith, Shab e Barat is recognized as The Night of Forgiveness among Muslims worldwide. In Arabic, Shab e Barat is also known as Laylat al-Baraat.

Arab countries & followed regions

Shab e Barat Evening of
15 Shaban 1443 AH

Pakistan, India & following countries

Shab e Barat Evening of
15 Shaban 1443 AH

Shab e Barat 2022 Date

Shab e Barat, Laylat al-Bara” at, or jagne ki Raat 2022 will occur in Saudi Arabia and other key Gulf countries such as Qatar, Oman, the UAE, and Bahrain from the evening of 17 March to the morning of 18 March 2022. Shab e Barat 2022, on the other hand, takes place in Pakistan and a few other Asian countries, including India, Brunei, Morocco, and Bangladesh, from the evening of March 18 to the morning of March 19, 2022. The Central Ruet-e-Hilal Committee of Pakistan announced on Friday, 04 March 2022, that the Shab e Barat 2022 date will begin on the evening of Friday, 18 March and will end on Saturday, 19 March 2022.

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It is an Islamic event that is very important to every Muslim worldwide. The date for Shab e Barat 2022 is quickly approaching. Depending on their geographical location, it will be celebrated in Muslim countries on the 18th and 19th of March. Shab e Barat 2022 is on March 18th in Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh. However, the Arab world will also observe Shab e Barat on the same date this year. This blessed night is always celebrated with religious zeal throughout Muslim countries because it is a holy event.’s mission is to provide timely, authenticated, and reliable information about Islamic events. Stay tuned to this page for more details about Shab e Barat 2022.

This page provides important information about the Shab e Barat or jagne ki Raat 2022 date, not just for Pakistan but for the entire world. Pakistan and Saudi Arabia typically observe a one-day difference in Islamic events. So, in 2022, Shab e Barat falls on 17 March 2022 in Saudi Arabia, while it falls on 18 March 2022 in Pakistan. It is noted that various countries’ expected date and comities announce the final date after the moon slighting in Pakistan on 04 March 2022.

Shab e Barat is a night when Allah bestows fortune and forgiveness on anyone on a quest. Muslims perform Nawafil (special/optional prayers) worldwide to ask forgiveness for themselves and their ancestors. In Asian and Arab countries, this event is known as Shab e barat, badi raat, Laylat al-Bara”at, or jagne ki raat 2022. People pray namaz and nawafil in their homes and mosques for desires, forgiveness, and worldly and after-worldly fortunes.

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