Top 10 Hottest Web Series In India

Here is the top 10 hottest web series list in India.

Top 10 hottest web series in India 2023

There have been many popular web series in India until now, and today we will tell you about the top 10. Every one of these web shows is aimed at people at least 18 years old or adults.

10. Ragini MMS Returns (Altbalaji web series)

In Ekta Kapoor’s famous movie Ragini MMS, a lot of people saw and liked it. This movie had no more bold scenes because it was shown in a theatre. That’s not what happened in 2017. In 2017, Altbalaji released “Ragini MMS Returns,” full of boldness and love. This web show is both romantic and scary.

9. Aate ki chakki (ullu web series)

Aate ki chakki is one of the most popular web shows on ullu App. So far, there have been two seasons of this web show. People love this web series because it has a great cast. For a long time, jinnie jaaz has been in a web show. I saw Jinnie last Charmsukh Jane and Jane Mein, but I can’t remember where.

8. Lust Stories (Netflix India)

Today, we tell you that the video of Kiara Advani moaning in a red sari is from Netflix’s “Lust Stories” movie. In this, four different stories are shown. Lust Stories was a web series that came out in 2018.

7. Atithi in-house (Kooku web series)

It’s the best show on the Kooku App right now. Until now, there have been five seasons of this web show. This is the fifth one. Mokshita Raghav, a well-known TikTok star, played the lead in this web show.

6. Fuh Se Fantasy (Voot web series)

You must have heard of the Voot app only because you used it to watch “big boss.” Many web series are also released on the Voot app; you can watch them there. On voot in 2019, there was a web series called “Fuh Se Fantasy.” It has 9 episodes. Each episode has its own story. All of the episodes are s..y and filled with love.

5. Dunali (Ullu web series)

The Ullu app has a great web series called Dunali that you can watch on your phone or tablet. So far, there have been three seasons of this web show. Each season has three episodes.

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They call it “Dunali.” This is the story of Sameer, a boy with two private parts. Because of this, he is very popular with the women in his city. Due to his new job, money always comes into his life.

4. Charmsukh Chawl House (ullu web series)

If you like Charmsukh, it is the second-best web show on Chawl House Ullu. This web series made “Sneha paul” a star overnight. She played the main role in the show. It is very much like this web series. Sneha is very much like her.

This is the story of a chawl in Mumbai. When a guest from the village comes to stay, the boy falls in love with her cousin’s wife, called “Renu.”

3. Gandii baat (Altbalaji web series)

If you know about the Altbalaji app, it’s because of the web series “Gandii Baat,” which is on it. Since the “Gandii Baat” web series came out, the number of people who use Altbalaji in India has increased significantly.

So far, the Gandii baat web show has been six seasons. This is how it works: Each season has 4-5 episodes. Each episode has a different story.

2. Charmsukh jane anjane mein (ullu web series)

It’s the most popular web show on the Ullu app. It’s called “charmsukh jane anjane mein.” If you like Charmsukh, this web series is part of it.

A father-in-law and his daughter-in-law fall in love in this book. People well-known in the Indian film industry, such as Jinnie Jaaz, have starred in this web series. On the ullu App, you can watch this web show.

1. Mastram (Mx player web series)

This is one of the hottest web series in India. It was released on Mx player. When Mastram came out in 2019, it will be on the MX player app. The best thing about this web series is that you can watch it on MX Player for free.

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It’s based on a storyteller named “Rajaram,” who wrote stories. Rajaram is a good author. That is not the case. People don’t like his story, and no publisher wants to print his story, either. After that, Rajaram changes his name to Mastram and started writing stories about s.x and love. People liked his stories, so he became the king of erotic stories.

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